Welcome & What To Expect

Hi Everyone... Welcome to our class!

I'm excited to have you all joining and look forward to working with all of you for the next 6 weeks. Please consider this platform our "classroom". On it you'll find:

  • Log In information to our weekly Live Zoom meetings
  • Weekly updates of materials and techniques covered
  • Weekly updates of student driven Q&A sessions
  • Weekly updates of recorded meetings for on-demand viewing
  • Videos and Links to online resources relevant to our class and topics discussed
  • Digital handouts, as well as other information, imagery, or misc relevant to the class

Starting the week of September 14th, I will upload our class material to our Classroom (the course you enrolled in), until then, stay creative and put a reminder in your calendar to check back the week of September 14th!

Our First live Zoom meeting will be September 16th from 11:30-1pm, please check back here the week of Sept 14h to view our first Zoom Meeting Log In Information.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

All the Best,