Join Stephanie in this on-demand, step-by-step, relaxing, fun, and approachable painting class! Adult and kid friendly, this class is fun to do by yourself or with friends and family! Create unique and modern designs, learn a masking technique, and gain general information, tips, and tricks when working with Acrylic Paints.

Share your art and brighten someones day with your very own hand painted cards and postcards! Watch a free preview of the course below to see part of what this class offers!

*This class includes PDF's: Materials List, Color Wheel Chart, Color Scheme Cart*

Meet your instructor:

Stephanie Seguin is an artist and educator living in Northwest Montana. She received her Master of Fine Arts from Pennsylvania State University, and Bachelor of Fine Arts from Minnesota State University, Moorhead. Stephanie teaches Drawing, Painting, and Clay classes at Stumptown Art Studio both in person and online. Her commitment to education and passion for newly acquired knowledge drives both her studio and teaching practices!  

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